What Stephen Hackett’s piece says about Apple’s Aperture—mainly about its shortcomings—may be true, it does not reflect that, from a UI standpoint, Aperture was a masterpiece. From not locking you into specific modes or workflows, to having sensible single-key keyboard shortcuts for nearly every command, it was an absolute joy to use. I used it for almost its entire product lifespan.

When Apple announced its end of life, I tried to move to Adobe Lightroom, and just hated it. I stuck with Aperture until over a year into the life of Apple’s current Photos app. I still miss Aperture’s editing tools, and would really be sore about it if my digital cameras today were as bad as the ones I had back in 2005-2011.

Apple Photos is a decent replacement now that it has gone through several iterations. I really wish it had retouching support on the iPad, though. (It is current Mac-only.)