The New Yorker just launched a crossword puzzle.

Most of our readers have e-mail addresses now, and the Web has given us the space to try new things—and to try old things again. In that spirit, we’re launching another crossword, online this time, and in the American style. It’ll be weekly, just like the magazine: a new one every Monday morning

I am a daily crossword puzzle player. I enjoy them, though I am not terribly good at them, because I love word games and have read that crosswords help keep your mind sharp into old age.

The New Yorker puzzle is a tiny bit more challenging than I would like (as I said, I’m not a strong player), but I’m happy there’s another source of crossword puzzles (beyond the New York Times, which I also subscribe to) coming my way.

I hope they will someday move it into their iOS app. The scrolling behavior, which affects the on-page keyboard, is annoying on mobile.