According to my Account page, this is my 300th post on I thought I would share some stats:

  • posts: 300
  • Days on the platform: 136 (joined 2017-12-19)
  • Average posts per day: 2.2
  • How many people I follow: 131
  • How many people follow me: I have no idea, and that is fine
  • How much engagement I get from other users: a pleasingly good amount
  • How much I happily paid Manton for hosting thus far: $30 USD ($5/month, not including the free trial period)
  • How little I could have paid, if I wanted: $0 for a blog or $1/month for an inexpensive WordPress host, plus the free account has gotten me into blogging again after a long time away from it. I enjoy owning my own content, the focus on writing rather than liking or retweeting, and, most of all, the lack of friction in the platform. Posting short or long form content is as simple as can be, and I don’t have a WordPress install and/or server to maintain.

I am having fun on the platform and look forward to continuing to do so.