Om Malik wrote a thoughtful review of a rather high end headphone, the Shinola Canfield. He includes his philosophy on what makes good headphones, and states that you can find really good headphones between $200 and $500, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I especially enjoyed learning about which headphones he keeps around:

  1. At home, I listen to Focal Clear, probably the best and the most expensive headphones I will ever owned. I have no desire to either upgrade or change these phones. […]

  2. For conference calls and phone conversations, I use Apple AirPods. They aren’t my choice for music, but for watching videos on my iPad, they are more than adequate.

  3. For long-haul flights, I have a pair of beat-up Bose headphones that take AA batteries and are as low-tech as Bose can get. They sit in my luggage and will be there until Bose stops making the replacement ear pads. They are not great for music, but on a loud aircraft, they are just a way to mute everything.

I love knowing that he and I have a similar lineup of headphones, and we split our time between them similarly: a top end headphone (except my top end are the Oppo PM-3, which cost a lot less than his Focal Clear); Apple AirPods for phone calls (I use them for calls, podcasts, and TV but almost never for music); and super old, now-crummy Bose for use on airplanes only.