Sigh. No stainless steel Apple Watch for me (probably).

MacStories has a good overview of the Apple Watch Series 4. For me, because I planned to upgrade this year, the most important bit of information (which Apple glossed over in their presentation yesterday) is the price:

If you like stainless steel Apple Watch models, I’m sorry. The steel variants are only available with cellular capabilities, which is a $100 price increase from aluminum models. As such, stainless steel Series 4 models have a starting price of $699. Steel models also still cost the old $50 to upgrade size to 44mm, so the starting point for the larger steel Series 4 is $749. All of these baseline prices only get you a sport band, so you’ll be shelling out even more if you want to pick up a nicer watch band as well. (At least your old bands still fit though!)

I really wanted a stainless steel Apple Watch, mainly because it looks so much better, in my opinion, than the anodized aluminum ones. But $749 is too expensive for me to buy a watch that I will probably want to replace in only 3 years. On top of that, I don’t think I need the cellular connectivity, either.