Dark Sky released a ground-up rewrite of their flagship iOS app today.

The most noticeable change is the introduction of a new unified timeline. Rather than separating the forecast onto multiple pages, we now combine the current conditions, next hour rain forecast, next 24 hours, and next week forecasts into a single scrollable view that lets you quickly get to the part of the forecast you care about. This makes it much easier to scan what will happen in the minutes, hours, and days ahead.

Dark Sky version 1.0, which was singularly focused on precipitation warnings and maps for your immediate vicinity, was probably my favorite iteration of the app. It wasn’t a full-fledged weather app at the time, but its singular focus was useful for me whenever I wanted to step out of the house or office.

I have been using Weather Line, which uses Dark Sky weather data, almost exclusively for the past couple years, because its information layout was denser and more useful. This update may bring me back to Dark Sky, however. I’m moving it back to my home screen and will give it a go.