The annual Panic Report is always worth a read. I use a lot of their apps, and have long considered them an app studio so talented that I will buy whatever they make, so long as I can sometimes use it. They are refreshingly open and honest about their business, too. Their annual reports are especially eye opening if you are a developer and are curious about the business aspects of the App Store.

I thought this part, toward the end, was kind of funny.

⑨ I’m using Transmit 5 as my primary interface to Dropbox. Am I a bad person? —Kyle

Absolutely not. This is so potentially powerful, we even made a video about it!

I don’t install Dropbox on my Mac anymore. Instead, I now use iCloud Drive for cross-device sync. I use Transmit 5 to get to Dropbox, the few times I need it. It seems weird to do so at first, but it is much lighter on resources, if you don’t need file sync.