I have been beta testing Tower 3.0, which is a very nice Git GUI client, for the past few months. The team behind it have just announced that the version 3.0 is complete. I was ready last week to purchase the software at its old price, which would be a one-time purchase of $79, but Tower has also announced that it is moving to subscription pricing for version 3.

Switching from paid-up-front to subscription-based is somewhat controversial. I, for one, am all for software subscriptions, so I support the developers’ decision. However, their decision has signaled that Tower is not for me. Even with the generous 50% discount for the first year that they have offered me, as a beta tester, the developers have priced me out of their product. For a professional, making a living from their software, the subscription cost for an important workplace tool is merely a drop in the bucket. But for me, a hobbyist developer who charges for my apps to cover my costs, I don’t make nearly enough money from my apps to justify paying more than a couple dollars per month for a Git client.

Git’s command line tools and Atlassian’s SourceTree client are free to use. I will be back to using SourceTree—which which is free, full-featured, but not as well polished as Tower—shortly. Thanks to the Tower team for allowing me to beta test their software. I wish them the best of luck.