I am trying to get back into Pinboard, the reliable and, a few years ago, faddish, “antisocial” bookmarking service.

I had been using it as an archive of my old browser bookmarks, and as a “read it later” service to push articles to from Twitter and my RSS reader. I used to use it pretty consistently, with the help of an iOS app and a Chrome plugin for my Mac. When I went on an RSS and Twitter diet late last year, though, I kicked my Pinboard app off my phone as well. More recently, I wiped my Mac clean and reinstalled a bare minimum of apps and services, which did not include Chrome or the whatever Pinboard plugin I had been using with Safari. Since then, Safari and Google have been my bookmarking service, in that I don’t actually save any bookmarks, but rely on typing URLs or searches directly into the browser address bar most of the time.

Recently, in part because iOS supports it in the long-press menu on every URL, I have been saving links to Apple’s built-in Safari Reading List. Saving bookmarks is as low-friction as can be, but reading them is, paradoxically, very high friction for me. I never think to dig into the second panel within Safari’s bookmarks to look for something to read. Consequently, my Safari Reading List has become a graveyard for links that I (think I) want to read but probably never will. Maybe that’s what is is actually for, and maybe that’s what I actually need.

For fun, though, I’m going to try to use Pinboard more instead.