I’m super happy that I did not install the iOS and iPadOS betas on any of my devices yet, based on the comments I have seen from other iOS developers. I don’t really have “test” devices lying around that I wouldn’t mind getting screwed up for a couple months, anyway.

Potential uses for a Raspberry Pi 4

Once I figure out how to fit them on my shelf, I will probably pick up at least one Raspberry Pi 4.

I use two older ones so far for:

  • Pi-hole server (DNS/ad-blocking)
  • Homebridge server (to control my Nest thermostat via Sirit & HomeKit)

I could use one or more newer, faster Pis for:

  • A VPN server
  • A self-hosted RSS back-end for Reeder (accessible via the VPN)
  • A download server that connects to my NAS (I used to use a Raspberry Pi for this, but it was really, really slow)

I could, of course, replace all of these single-purpose servers with a single Intel box running virtual machines. I have not found such a thing at a good price, or that runs silently. My NAS box, currently running FreeNAS, is off limits right now when it comes to adding Internet-facing services. It is also too old and under-resourced to dedicate chunks of its RAM to virtual machines.

Raspberry Pi 4

I’m excited about the newly announced Raspberry Pi 4, especially about the news that it will have gigabit Ethernet that is not tied to is USB bus. I have several older generation ones (I skipped gen. 3) that are in use as little servers in my house. I wish, however, that the form factor was a little neater for cabling. I don’t like having power and Ethernet on different sides. (I probably need some kind of Raspberry Pi server rack, if such a thing exists.)

I set up a new email address at my own domain, and now I’m deleting almost every email from my Gmail account that wasn’t sent to me by my wife…as you do.

Facebook may have too many users for its cryptocurrency to fail — even if you don’t trust it

From Vox:

Facebook doesn’t have much consumer trust. But it does have a hell of a lot of consumers.

And that’s enough to make Libra, the new virtual coin that Facebook is announcing on Tuesday, the most consequential cryptocurrency effort undertaken in several years.

I have done a lot of research on cryptocurrencies for work, and keep coming back to my thoughts that they are a scam. Bitcoin works like a pyramid scheme, where the early adopters (the early miners) gain the lions share of wealth, once the value of the coin increases, due to the way that mining works. In the best case scenario of cryptocurrency use, some companies will do an end run around the current financial system intermediaries, and insert themselves as the new financial system intermediaries. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency holders/customers are trading worthless bits they can’t pay their taxes with.

SwiftUI for My Apps

SwiftUI is definitely the way forward for development on all Apple platforms, and I am excited about it. That said, it is only going to be supported on new OS releases going forward. My plan is to support the current version of iOS and macOS going forward for at least a year, which will make it challenging for me to switch my UI code to SwiftUI at that time. Next fall, however, when Apple’s OS cycle turns over again, would be a great time for me to finish up SwiftUI-based rewrites and push them to production. I have a lot of prep work I can do in the meantime.

🎵 Somehow I made it from Beats 1 to Robyn Hitchcock’s “Chronology”, which is a fun listen but very far afield from the hip-hop I started the day with.

🎵 Texas 25 is a great pop (ahem, blue-eyed soul) album. The band reworked eight of their hits, and added four new songs, to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

My MacBook Pro came back to me with a brand new top case and all its data intact. It looks great. I hope it gives me a couple more years of service.

My Apple Support Laptop Limbo Is Ending (I Hope) Today

FedEx just sent me a text saying I have a delivery scheduled today, which can only mean that my MacBook Pro is coming back to me from Apple’s repair center. Apple never gave me a case number, sent me an email, put a record of the repair on its support website, or gave me any idea that it knew that it had my laptop. It seems weird to me to get no type of receipt after handing over my laptop, but if it comes back today, all is well in the end, I guess.

I took my 2013 MacBook Pro to the Apple Store yesterday to get a new battery. It’s quite an extensive repair (whole case-top replacement), so I will be without it for about a week. I have multiple backups, but hope that its SSD does not get wiped.🤞