I took my son, in the stroller, on a long, long walk through a local park on Sunday, while my wife and daughter did an indoor activity there. It was so nice to walk for an hour or so outdoors, in warm weather, while the trees were blooming.

I did not ever expect to see giant ray-, octopus, and squid-shaped kites, but now they haunt my dreams. Thanks, Point Pleasant Kite festival!


The Notre Dame fire, or, upsetting things are upsetting

The burning of Notre Dame shook me to my core yesterday.

The images and videos made me so upset that I thought I was going crazy. After all, it is just a building, and presumably no one died, so what is the big deal? Still, the cathedral is a symbol of beauty and hope—literally of reaching to the sky to a higher power—and, to me at least, of human achievement, collective action, and indomitable spirit. To see it, a world monument, burning up (and potentially collapsing altogether, though thankfully that did not happen) deeply troubled me.

I have thought about it a little more now, and have realized something: When upsetting things occur, it makes sense to be upset, even if what is happening isn’t the most upsetting thing that could occur. Feeling so bad wasn’t really a bad thing for my me, and it wasn’t an outsized emotion to something that wasn’t really affecting me. I’m not crazy; I’m sensitive, and that’s OK.

I have been in a weird state lately in which I am not excited about any company’s recently released, or recently announced, products or services. I feel grateful that I didn’t drop everything in 2007 and start covering the smartphone and gadget market for a living. (I wanted to!)

Thanks to the couple of warm-weather days we had this week, I discovered that I need to replace not one, but two air conditioners shortly, before I really have to turn them on again. Sigh. 💸

I just purchased my ticket to “Avengers: Endgame”. I got a Monday night showing, because I have a wife and kids to spend the weekend with. I’ll have to stay off the internet, I guess, between the movie’s premiere and my showtime.

Classic Margarita

My favorite warm weather alcoholic drink is the classic margarita—but not just any margarita. It has to be homemade and must have freshly squeezed lime juice and Cointreau. No mixes! Here’s how I make it:


1 part freshly squeezed lime juice 2 parts Cointreau 3 parts tequila


  1. Mix the three ingredients together, with ice.
  2. Serve on the rocks (after a good stir) in a highball glass, or, serve up (shake with ice and strain) in a martini glass.

Iced Tea

My favorite non-alcoholic warm weather drink is iced tea—but not just any iced tea. It has to be homemade and cold brewed. Here’s how I make it:


4 PG Tips tea bags water


  1. Put four PG Tips teabags into a 1.5 L glass pitcher.
  2. Fill the pitcher with water.
  3. Refigerate for 24 hours.
  4. Serve over ice.

I finally deleted my Facebook account today. I had deactivated it a long time ago, but I decided that we are never, ever getting back together.

Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand

I could have written this article from Ars Technica, because I don’t trust Google to stick with any of their products, except Search, in the long run. It is frustrating that the geekiest and of the big tech companies does not stand behind any of their products, except the one (Search, obviously) that is actually good and makes them money. Due to my frustration with Gmail’s web UI and their lackluster iOS and Android apps, I have concluded that Google is not good at application development or design, despite its obvious skill at developing, and running at massive scale, hardware, software infrastructure, and platforms.

⚾️ It is very early in the season, but it has been difficult watching the Red Sox lose so many games. I don’t expect them to finish last in their division, which is where they are now, but it has not been fun to watch so far.

Thanks to it being April Fool’s Day, I can save some time by not reading the news today. That used to be frustrating, but now it feels freeing.