Tom Brady Retires: The Revised Edition

This “track changes” article by Ben Shpigel of The New York Times is wonderfully snarky:

Tom Brady’s football career traced an arc that bordered on mythical, ascending from sixth-round N.F.L. draft pick to seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback and global celebrity. And, after more than two decades of unparalleled brilliance in his sport, plus another season, it has ended.

⚾️ The Mookie Betts trade, which was rumored for months, is still disappointing enough to me to consider not bothering with my MLB TV subscription this year. He was my favorite player to watch on the Red Sox roster.

⚾️ MLB At Bat has been crashing on me every time I try to watch a World Series game this morning. 🙁

⚾️ My hot take on the Red Sox vs. Diamondbacks game: 😢🤷‍♂️😤

⚾️ Dennis Eckersley uses the word “cheese” an awful lot when he is calling a game. 🧀

⚾️ It is very early in the season, but it has been difficult watching the Red Sox lose so many games. I don’t expect them to finish last in their division, which is where they are now, but it has not been fun to watch so far.

⚾️ What a Series! I’m really going to miss baseball this winter.

⚾️ 106 wins for the Red Sox! That’s a franchise record. I can’t believe it, at least compared to how they ended last season.

⚾️ The last two Red Sox/Indians games felt like playoff baseball: close games, extra innings, nail-biting situations at the mound, etc. As a Red Sox fan, I hope my team can win a series against a team as good as the Indians (or, more importantly, the Yankees). Over the past week, I have been reminded of their actual playoff appearances the past two years, in which they lost in the divisional series.