@ayjay I hope I can remember those. If only Spelling Bee would acknowledge some simpler words, like “aroar.”

@njr I do know about Black Ink on macOS. I only solve on my iPhone or iPad though, so I have never sought it out. I am actually very happy with the first-party NYTimes Games iOS app, and also use it for the non-crossword games every day. When the release version of Black Ink on iOS is released I will check it out.

@msroest Will do! I had thought that I would hate it, but the crossover episode in Brave New Worlds persuaded me otherwise.

@jaheppler I live in Central New Jersey.  The wildfire smoke is bad even down here.  Last night may have been the worst of it. It smelled very strong and gave me a headache.

@cleverdevil i hear you. I expected a 30-minute Rambo. I liked how it ended, though. It was both surprising and not surprising, and at all times thematically appropriate.