I have just about every accessory I would imagine I would need for my (still) new Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark III camera, and all of them, except for the little carrying case it came with and my AmazonBasics tripod, fit into this little box. I never expected to buy so many lenses in such a short time (over a 4-month period). I was having so much fun shooting photos and expanding my camera’s versatility. I tracked lens prices closely for months and bought each lens on a price dip; all in all I saved hundreds of dollars, compared to what it would have cost if I bought everything up front. Still, I spent way too much money this year on the camera; but at least I’m almost done.

To keep everything neat and tidy, rather than lumped together in a little box, I think want some kind of padded, hardshell case for everything (such as a Pelican case). I’m not sure it’s worth the expense, though, because I don’t think I would ever take it out of the house. I would continue to use the little case that came with the camera, which I love for its small size. It easily fits the camera and an extra lens or an external flash unit.

Once I sort the case situation out, I will be done with camera spending…at least for a few years.