So…my new SwiftoDo Desktop app for the Mac would be 100% complete right now, if I hadn’t decided, 75% of the way through writing it, to add a secondary edit mode for the todo.txt file. That mode makes the user interface comparable to the iOS version of SwiftoDo, but is also loads better in subtle ways, such as being able to reload the file (in either mode) if an external editor (such as iCloud Drive) modifies the underlying task list file. Of course, that makes everything so much harder to implement in a bug-free way. I have been discovering and trying to fix bugs over the past week or so. I have been messing with the lowest-level code in my app far more than I would normally be doing at this stage in the game. I’m trying to finish up the version and release it soon. I will get there, but it makes me nervous to jump back into file coordination related bugs, when I thought I had perfected those features almost six months ago.