I think that every bit of this article from the New York Times illustrates what is wrong with the way we pick presidents in the US.

Five Democratic presidential candidates raised a combined $96 million from individual donors in the last three months — about three-quarters of the total fund-raising by the entire Democratic field, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

I have to admit that I am annoyed because my favorite candidate is not at the top of the fundraising list. That is a small worry, though. Overall, I am annoyed that all this money is spread out so widely amongst candidates, many of whom should gracefully drop out and run for lower, but still very important, offices.

Meanwhile, Trump looms over everything like Calamity Ganon over Hyrule Castle in “Breath of the Wild”:

Trump has more than twice as much cash as the best-funded Democrats.

President Trump has a big head start on the Democratic field in raising money for the 2020 election. He ended the second quarter with far more cash on hand than even the best-funded Democratic candidate.

I don’t think the Democratic candidates and campaign strategists have a real plan to win. I know there is still a good amount of time to make such a plan, but I’m not sure if there is enough time. I am already tired of the primary process, and it has barely even begun.