Via The Verge:

Sony may have only released the RX100 VI last year, but the company is already back with an updated model called the RX100 VII.

I am excited to see that Sony is still revving its RX100 camera. I have an RX100 Mark I, which I don’t use too much any more, since I got a micro 4/3 camera, but I still love it. It takes great pictures, is incredibly versatile, and fits in a relatively tiny belt-loop holster case, so I can take it anywhere. It may be slower than a smartphone camera, and have fewer features than a more recent model, but it still takes great pictures, and is pretty easy to use as well.

The RX100 VII will be available later in August 2019 for $1,200 for the camera alone. Later in 2019, the aforementioned Shooting Grip Kit bundle will be available for $1,300. It will be available for preorder at B&H Photo and Adorama later today.

It’s an over-$1,000 pocket camera, though, which is a market segment that sounds like it shouldn’t even exist. I bought my Mark I used for $300, right after the RX-100 Mark II was released. Since then, owners have been more keen on selling their old ones for much higher prices, which has kept me from upgrading. Maybe someday I will pick up one from a few generations back.