My wife and I learned today that my two-year-old son has severe peanut allergies. My daughter does too, so at least we know what to do, but it is very unfortunate news. It is a deadly serious condition. There are so many foods that peanut allergy suffers can’t eat—most of which don’t even have peanuts in them, but are processed on equipment that also processes peanuts—that most packaged foods are disallowed. Most candy is unsafe. Hard ice cream, at restaurants and ice cream places, isn’t safe either, because it or the scoops used to scoop it get cross-contaminated with peanuts. Fortunately, we have found some peanut-free sources for foods like chocolate, and can bake our own treats at home. With two peanut-allergy-having kids, I think I’m going to be baking a lot of cakes at home from now on (for every birthday party, ever), and learning how to make things like chocolate candy and maybe even homemade ice cream.