I got the Apple Card about a week ago, and just started using it this weekend. Here are some initial thoughts:

  1. I very much like the security and privacy features Apple Pay and the Apple Card. I try to use Apple Pay whenever I can to take advantage of most of these features, no matter what card I was using.
  2. I very much like the enhancements to the Wallet app on my iPhone to review transactions and spending.
  3. 2% cash back on all Apple Pay purchases seems like a pretty good benefit to me.
  4. 3% back on Apple transactions seems a little stingy, considering that Amazon and Target offer 5% back when you use their branded cards. I would get a much better cash-back rate buying an Apple product on Amazon, using my Amazon.com Visa.
  5. The interest rate offered to me was the lowest that they offer, and it is a between two and three percentage points lower than the other cards I have. I never carry a balance, so it doesn’t mean much to me.
  6. I had a false-alarm fraud alert shortly after I set it up. I made it my default on my Apple account, and a $30 annual subscription fee trigged a fraud alert. I contacted Apple Card support via iMessage, and cleared up the problem.
  7. Buying different things changes the color of the card in the Wallet app, which is amusing. The colors correspond to the spending charts.
  8. I had a lot of trouble adding the card to my Apple Watch. It took lots of fiddling with settings, but, fortunately, I did not have to unpair and repair the Apple Watch to my iPhone.
  9. The titanium card is boring and heavy. I expect to never use it. Its best feature is that my card number is not printed on it.
  10. Some common features are missing: a website, integration with personal finance applications, and joint accounts (or authorized users).