Democratic Candidates Jostle, and Gripe, as Debates Winnow the Field

Posted on Aug 29, 2019

Reid J. Epstein’s article in the New York Times captures, pretty well, the frustrations of the low- and middle tier Democratic presidential candidates who probably don’t belong in the race to begin with:

Still, some party officials lamented a system that limited exposure for lesser-known candidates. The Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman, Jane Kleeb, a leading figure among rural Democrats, said a debate process that excluded Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana was bad for a party trying to win back voters who flocked to President Trump in 2016. “Voters aren’t even going to know who Steve Bullock is and that we have a governor representing a red state and doing it with strong progressive values,” Ms. Kleeb said. “To me it shows the strength of our party that we have so many people running.”

I know Ms. Kleeb is merely supporting her candidate, but why is he even running if he has no national presence?

Honestly, if hardly anybody knows who you are, why do you think you can win an election for President of the United States? 🤷‍♂️