Per Joe Rossignol and Steve Moser in MacRumors:

Apple is developing a Tile-like accessory that will help users keep track of their personal belongings, such as their keys, wallets, and backpacks, according to an internal build of iOS 13 seen by MacRumors.

I am a Tile user, and have been for years. I tried and gave up on Tile’s main competitor, Trackr, because Tile worked better, despite its higher cost. I use a Tile once every few weeks or so to find my keys, but in the past I have used them to track our cars and luggage, too. A Tile fails to work when is when it is out of range of a Tile user’s mobile phone, which is pretty much all the time in the suburbs where I live.

Though it ultimately depends on price, I expect I would switch from Tile to an Apple Tile-like device, if Apple ever actually releases one. My main reasoning is that they would probably be far more popular than the Tile or the Trackr, which means that there will be more people will be tied into their network. Apple will have to allow people to opt into being part of the “Find My Item” network, I suppose, but I still think many would do so.