Matt Birchler posted his review of watchOS 6 today:

watchOS 6 is not a massive update to the platform, and you will likely use your watch in largely the same way you always have, but there are some new apps, nice usability updates, no real regressions, and frameworks that will allow third party apps to get better in the future. Basically, it won’t all change your life, but there is probably at least one or two things that you’ll really enjoy in this new update.

I am not exactly eager to upgrade my Apple Watch immediately, because it works just fine and I am happy with its behavior and performance, but I am looking forward to the new watch faces, which I think look nice.

I have had an Apple Watch since the original Series 0, but I have always been a little disappointed in the watch faces. I find it harder to read the time on the analog faces, based on simple things like the relative shortness of the hour hand, and, on many faces, the lack of numbers or larger hour markers on the dial. Also, I have long wanted a watch face with seven small complications and the time in the upper right corner, which would act as an app launcher for all the apps I use on a daily basis.

Apple’s new watch faces will provide some more visual variety, especially the California face, which will have various configuration options regarding the numbers on the dial. I do wish that Apple would allow you to change the shape and size of the watch hands, though. They are the same on every analog-style watch face.