John Gruber took note of the terrible UI decisions Apple made on its iOS Mail app.

The new toolbar in iOS 13 Mail is just strange. The old toolbar had discrete buttons for Flag, Move, Trash/Archive, Reply, and New Message. Now it’s just Trash and Reply, with all of the other functionality stashed in the new Reply action sheet, pictured here half-height and full-height. That new “Reply” action sheet is really a “Do Something With This Message” sheet — I’m not sure what the icon for this should be, but the Reply icon seems like an odd choice. I know a few people who assumed that iOS 13 removed the ability to move messages to other mailboxes because the folder button was removed from the toolbar. They — reasonably! — never thought to look for it by tapping what clearly looks like the old familiar Reply icon.

I wanted to write about this for the past couple weeks, but decided not to complain to my blog about software that I could probably replace, if it really bothered me enough. I thought that Mail was perfect on iOS 12 and now it is much, much worse for me. The functionality I use most often—delete, archive, flag—is now two or three taps (or taps and swipes) away, when it used to be all in one tap at the bottom of the screen.