John Gruber does not like the iPad multitasking interface:

The iPad at 10 is, to me, a grave disappointment. Not because it’s “bad”, because it’s not bad — it’s great even — but because great though it is in so many ways, overall it has fallen so far short of the grand potential it showed on day one. To reach that potential, Apple needs to recognize they have made profound conceptual mistakes in the iPad user interface, mistakes that need to be scrapped and replaced, not polished and refined. I worry that iPadOS 13 suggests the opposite — that Apple is steering the iPad full speed ahead down a blind alley.

Gruber is far from the only person decrying the software on the iPad on the 10th anniversary of its reveal, but I think the strength of these opinions has more to do with punditry than with actual problems with the iPad’s usability. I would imagine that most iPad users don’t use multitasking, don’t want to use it, and don’t trigger it by accident. Moreover, multitasking can be turned off in the Settings App (look for the switch for “Allow Multiple Apps”).

I think the iPad multitasking interface is fine. What I would hate is if Apple put a freeform, windowed interface on it, to make it more like the Mac. That would introduce far more fiddliness than I have the patience to deal with on a tablet.