The always interesting Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new “desktop PC” form factor that integrates its latest board into a keyboard:

We’ve never been shy about borrowing a good idea. Which brings us to Raspberry Pi 400: it’s a faster, cooler 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, integrated into a compact keyboard. Priced at just $70 for the computer on its own, or $100 for a ready-to-go kit, if you’re looking for an affordable PC for day-to-day use this is the Raspberry Pi for you.

If the keyboard is decent enough for you, and your computing needs are pretty basic, this is fantastic deal.

My favorite part of the new design is that all the ports are on one side. My biggest beef with the Raspberry Pi (I own 3 of them!) is that the ports are on all four sides, and I always need to plug cables into two or three of them, which makes for a mess of wires surrounding a nice, small box.