My wife and I recently discovered the Apple TV+ show “Little Voice” and very much enjoy it.

It is different in pace and tone from other shows (like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) that we have been watching lately. While there is a lot going on in each episode, the pace feels slow and thoughtful, as if the show is focused mainly on the growth of its characters and on illustrating (a version of) the New York City music scene. I would not recommend watching “Little Voice” for its main plot, because it appears to follow the well-worn path of “talented-but-unknown artist slowly becomes successful.” That said, there are a ton of great character moments throughout.

The main draw of the show is the music, most of which are songs written by series co-creator Sara Bareilles. There is a lot of music performance in each episode. All these sections look great, sound great, and are integrated completely naturally into the story. However, they serve as the primary reason why the pace is slow. If you don’t like the music, then the show will not be for you.

Overall, I think that “Little Voice” is under-rated. It didn’t blow up like “Ted Lasso” (which is, indeed, great) or “Central Park” (which is also great), but is my third-favorite Apple TV+ series thus far.