Kim Lyons reports in The Verge:

“The contention that social media as an industry censors conservatives is now, as we speak, becoming part of an even broader disinformation campaign from the right, that conservatives are being silenced all across American society,” the report’s lead researcher Paul Barrett said in an interview with The Verge. “This is the obvious post-Trump theme, we’re seeing it on Fox News, hearing it from Trump lieutenants, and I think it will continue indefinitely. Rather than any of this going away with Trump leaving Washington, it’s only getting more intense.”

This is one of those studies that may help future historians sort through the mess we are living through now. It is pretty obvious to me that there is a conservative bias on social media rather than a liberal one. The shocking election in 2016 of a mendacious “conservative” social media gasbag is enough proof. That he wasn’t deplatformed until he lost the 2020 election, despite sowing devision and inciting violence on social media platforms, is further proof of it.

I bristle now at hearing or seeing the word “conservative” describe the people running a disinformation campaign against their fellow citizens. There’s nothing “conservative” about this influential and dangerous wing of the Republican Party, which is undermining the basic traditions and institutions of society. I identify strongly as a political progressive, but I am also quite conservative in how I think that people should behave publicly and how ethically and transparently political institutions should be run.