Ulysses and Micro.blog

Posted on Mar 22, 2021

It is amazing that Ulysses supports posting to Micro.blog now. I love the functionality, and its inclusion definitely cements Ulysses as my only writing app on iOS and macOS at this point.

Now let’s bug the Ulysses team to do some other cool things:

  1. Implement publishing workflows, by which publishing a sheet can automatically trigger the sheet to be tagged with a keyword, be moved to a particular folder (such as “published”), or call an iOS Shortcut.
  2. Make every command accessible via a hardware keyboard shortcut. (I’m thinking mainly of the iPad version.)
  3. Add a command palette, like Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text have.
  4. Support Mermaid, a text-based markup language for creating flowcharts, in fenced code blocks, like Typora does.