This is a short, short version of what happened to me over the past week when I decided to get organized.

  1. Form a desire to organize my project files differently.
  2. Discover the Johnny Decimal system.
  3. Create a taxonomy for my files in a text file.
  4. Start writing PowerShell script to switch folders based on the Johnny Decimal number
  5. Start writing a PowerShell script to index all the Johnny Decimal numbers in my folder tree
  6. Think about working with files from the command line more often
  7. Install Midnight Commander for a command line file manager
  8. Learn a lot of Midnight Commander shortcuts and customizations
  9. Learn about Far Manager, which is a lot like Midnight Commander but works much better on Windows
  10. Run into keyboard shortcut conflicts with Windows Terminal
  11. Learn about assigning and removing keyboard shortcuts in Windows Terminal
  12. Start thinking about using todo.txt from the Windows Terminal, because my TaskPaper file has been too big for months and is awful to work with
  13. Tried to find a todo.txt command line app for Windows that works on my machine
  14. Thought about writing my own todo.txt command line app using an old C# library I created

And…I still haven’t organized anything yet. 😅