Stephen Warwick reports in iMore:

Kuo says that next year Apple will drop the 5.4-inch model and run with two 6.1-inch models instead, one Pro, one regular.

This rumor is a prime reason I upgraded to the iPhone 12 mini early this year. I absolutely love the size and weight of it. It fits better in my hands and in my pockets than my iPhone 7 Plus ever did. However, the 12 mini’s small screen size makes it less compelling to read on, edit photos on, or watch videos on. These are all things I do pretty much every day without complaint, but if it were going to be my only portable device I would have bought one with a bigger screen.

I have no desire to go back to a larger phone, because the phone, for me, is one tool among many, rather than the center of my computing universe. It doesn’t have to be compelling, just useful. It doesn’t have to be used constantly, just when it makes the most sense to.

Some time from now, I think the smartphone, as a thing I carry around all the time, and as the default “Internet communication device,” is going to disappear and be replaced by something else: smart glasses maybe, or some kind of earpiece (when I am really old and need hearing aides).