Seth Godin says that everyone should have a blog. Moreover, everyone who has a blog should blog daily, primarily because it reinforces the idea that the important thing about it is to show up, every day, day after day, and actually do it. Well, this is showing up. I’m here.

I’m thinking about how I can be better at everything I do. I’m trying to build myself up, brick by brick, after whatever the heck happened to me during the COVID-19 pandemic. (One weird thing I noticed is that I have started to prefix the pandemic with a descriptor. It’s as if I imagine we will need to differentiate between several.) I am teaching myself new things. I am taking more chances. I am talking to more people. I am trying harder to focus on what is vital.

The effort has been paying off; at first slowly, and now more quickly every week. I think, as the weeks keep going by, I will seek out more opportunities to do good things, to grow, and to connect with the world again.