On Thursday I embarked on an ambitious project related to my job. I am writing a white paper based on the presentation I wrote earlier this year, with the goal to publish it—or articles based on it—in an industry journal. It’s about how to do a certain type of project that I specialize in at work. That’s a topic I know a lot about, but have lacked the confidence to understand that it really is something valuable. By communicating my ideas to others in my presentation, I have realized that I really am knowledgeable about the area I work in, and that I have valuable ideas that I can share.

I am writing and editing somewhat furiously now (for me—I’m not an author) on my Mac and on my iPhone (thanks, Ulysses). I can’t stop. It is great to feel excited about and energized by a writing project again. I credit my daily writing habit on my blog for giving me the confidence to tackle a bigger writing project again. Writing something like this is no sweat for me. After all, I write for publication every day.