I have been having trouble lately coming up with something to say each day on my blog. I am feeling somewhat uninspired. This lack of spark probably stems from spending many hours this past week (far more than usual) writing software. The many hours spent programming have taxed my brain so much that the acts of writing, doing chores, or doing my other day-job work have felt exhausting and unrewarding for the past few days.

The reason I have a blog is that I want to write every day, even when it feels impossible to put anything down, even when I feel I have nothing to say, and even if nobody else reads it. My goal is to practice explaining my ideas and opinions, developing ideas, and telling stories. Doing it every day is important to me because I have given up my creative endeavors too easily in the past. Stories seem impossible to end. A good song seems impossible to write. A buggy app seems impossible to fix. No one really cares about the things I create anyway, so why bother finishing them?

I have a different mindset now. A blog is never “finished” so I can’t fail at completing it. Conversely, a blog post is very short, so it is easy to finish. More importantly, it no longer matters to me if anyone else reads it. If someone does read one of my posts and leaves me a comment on Micro.blog, I am very flattered, but it doesn’t really matter. The blog is a kata. Practicing the forms is key. Nothing matters more.