I tend to minimize good things that happen to me, but am trying to change that. To that end, here is a list of small wins for me this week.

  1. I got a complimentary email about my productivity guide, PlainText Productivity.
  2. I got a complimentary email about my free call blocking app for iOS, Simple Call Blocker.
  3. I responded to a bug report in my todo.txt app, SwiftoDo for iOS, fixed the bug, and published the update.
  4. I recently resumed work on the next version of SwiftoDo for iOS. It uses the Swift Package Manager for dependencies, rather than CocoaPods.
  5. In Xcode, I learned how to override a Swift package with a local copy of the package to make editing and debugging to the package code much easier1.
  6. My Chess Elo rating for daily chess on Chess.com rose to over 800.

  1. It is actually pretty easy. From the Finder, you drag the package’s folder to your Xcode project (in Xcode). ↩︎