I got my Kobo this afternoon, set it up, and started noodling with it.

My library card needs to be renewed, so I was locked out of logging into Overdrive to worry library books. Side-loading books was very easy, and I don’t need to convert my ePubs beforehand either, which I had to on my Kindle1. I wish the Kobo had a USB-C port instead of micro-USB, but I won’t be plugging it in too often, so that’s not a big deal.

So far, I find the reading experience to be OK. The screen is sharp, but it is really small! I had read that it was the same size as the Kindle Paperwhite’s screen, but it is, in fact, noticeably smaller. I am not sure how much I like it. I feel like I can only fit a paragraph or two onto the screen at one time. I probably just have to get used to it, and think of it as a “paperback” compared to the “hardcover” size of my iPad.

  1. MOBI is a technically inferior file format to ePub. It bugs me even though I don’t see the guts of it when I’m reading. ↩︎