I am working on one of my iOS apps for the first time in about half a year. For many different reasons, I couldn’t bring myself to work on it for a long time. The problems I was facing with it seemed insurmountable. In truth, some of those problems still seem insurmountable, but I feel ready to move forward again with it.

Last night I stayed up late (which happens to me a lot when I am coding) and fixed a build that had been broken since the last time I touched it. I had moved a ton of functionality from a mostly-written app into a Swift package, and the transition necessitated updating hundreds of files and a few dozen method calls or property references. It was tedious work, but now that part is done. The app builds and runs, and the parts that still don’t work seem easy to fix. The new parts I have yet to write will still be a challenge, but I feel up for it now. It feels good to be back at it.