My employer has always been generous with holiday time at the end of the year. We always get extra time off. This year, for some reason, it is being especially generous. Today was my last day of work for the year. The rest of the year is paid vacation or holiday time, and none of it comes out of my bank of “self-managed time off” hours.

I also got a gift card from my employer in the mail, and used it to buy an Apple Magic Trackpad, which is something I have always wanted but could not justify spending the money on.

I am not great at having fun during my time off. My wife and kids have school tomorrow, while I am off, and I plan to spend the morning vacuuming, mopping the floor, and cleaning the bathrooms. Not fun at all, I’m afraid. Once everybody is home, though, I can imagine playing board games and watching movies with my kids. We’re also having family over on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, though, due to COVID and an abundance of caution, we are not traveling to see my mom and the rest of my family on Christmas.